Renovation Projects

At the end of 2017 I had never owned a home or undertaken more than a basic paint job in my own home.  Then by some stroke of unfathomable cosmic benevolence, we ended up buying a house.

And it was nicer than we could have hoped for.  But you know how it is, one moment you’re looking through Pinterest and the next thing you know you’re driving home from Bunnings with a boot load of supplies and a nail gun. Who would have thought I would ever own a nail gun? More to the point, who on earth would have thought I should even be trusted with a nail gun in the same space I keep my wine glasses?!

All the skills I have gained I have learned from Pinterest posts, any knowledge I could glean from my husband and sheer dumb luck. And now I am going to pass them on to you in my comprehensive, photo laden, kick arse tutorials.