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Raising Hobbits and Elves in a Matrix World.

“You are so extra, Mum!”
“No, I’m not.  I’m just mumming”
“No, seriously.”
“What?  I’m just cooking for our little veggo so she has healthy food for when she is too tired or out of spoons too make her own.”
“Yeah, that’s extra.  Most of my friend’s parents wouldn’t do that.”
“Well, it shouldn’t be.  They need to pull their damn socks up.”
“I agree, it should be just basic parenting.  But how many parents would do the crazy shit you do for us?  You still put in as much effort as you did when we were little.”
“Just because you’re not little doesn’t mean you don’t need as much love and guidance as you used to.”

Parenting is a fun, exciting, often stressful and scary, journey that I would not trade for the world.  And now my babies are almost all grown up, that journey hasn’t ended.  Our individual paths are taking us all in different directions, but we are still a family.  And they are still my babies. And while I am no longer needed to teach them how to use a spoon or wipe from front to back, that doesn’t mean that the adult world they are stepping in to is not every bit as confusing as learning about object permanence or how they fit all those people inside the television.

We are a blended family.  One of our children has moved out of home and the other two are starting to lead their lives outside the home.  We love movies, creating something new, and Marvel.  We firmly believe that Batman is not a superhero, he is a ninja with gadgets.  I renovate our home, my hubby writes code, the girls play D&D and provide a never-ending source of laughter.  We have separate interests (like seriously, how can they watch so much Game Grumps??) but share our lives.

Just because my babies are all grown up, doesn’t mean they are no longer in need of a strong family relationship, guidance and enough vexation and badinage to ensure they don’t develop enough self-esteem so as to become truly independent.

No seriously, if you let them have self-esteem, there is no telling what they might do…

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