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7 Things You Must Do After Embarkation

Or How to Relax on a Cruise By Not Relaxing in Port.

So, My Gorgeous Wayfarers, you’ve packed your carry-on with everything you might need for your first day on board in case your bag takes a few hours longer than expected to make it to your cabin; you’ve booked a car to pick you up upon your return and you’ve run the gauntlet of customs and check in?  Ready to hit the buffet and the pool?  Hold up, it’s not time to take it too easy just yet.  To make the rest of your holiday run as smoothly as possible now is the time to get sorted and get settled.


7 things you must do after embarkation


Sure it is tempting to get out there and explore every inch of your glistening home away from home, but you don’t want to be rummaging around in your suitcase looking for crumpled clothes to change into for dinner after you’ve begun to properly unwind.  Your in-cabin television is bound to have a music channel for you to put on and bop to while you make your temporary home comfortable.

Cruising out of Sydney Harbour

Book for dinner

Or change any unsatisfactory dinner arrangements.  Need an earlier sitting so you can catch the show each night or you’ve stumbled upon people you know and would like to all sit together? If you’re planning to eat in the restaurant each night rather than the buffet, head there now before the rush to make sure you get the exact arrangements you want.

Make sure everyone knows where things are and what food is included.
Once you’re on board and you’ve found your room, it is time for a little light recon.  Hum your own Mission Impossible theme music if you wish while you seek out buffets and locate the spa.  If this is your first time on the ship do a little online research before you leave and write down what is included.  It may save you a nasty surprise on your bill.

Sign waiver forms

If you’re travelling with children they’ll no doubt want to do things like rock climbing, ice skating and wave riding.  Any onboard activity that carries a moderate risk will more than likely require a waiver to be signed.  Save yourself and your children the hassle of finding each other and running around to sign forms when you’d rather be sunbathing and search them out now.  You’ll be thankful you did later.

Check the embarkation day newsletter in your room for any specials and freebies.

Sometimes you can score free treatments at the spa or a free yoga class if you book on embarkation day.  This is something to definately keep in mind 

Book kids club

No more explanation needed really.  If your children can sometimes be a little wary of new things, take them to the kids club and get them excited about all the things they will be doing there on holidays. You are all there to relax, enjoy and create memories to share, now it isn’t unknown to them, you are more likely to avoid confusion, anxiety and tears the next morning when they are looking to keep busy.

Make any requests you have to your cabin steward.

There is no one size fits all for bedding and in-cabin needs.  So use the first day to request mattress toppers, extra pillows, room service menus etc so you can sleep comfortably on your first night and have everything in order for the rest of your stay.  While you’re at it, introduce yourself and get to know your steward.  They are not only a wealth of information but some of the most interesting and lovely people you will ever meet.

After you’ve done all that – grab a mojito and head up on deck as you pull out of port if you are cruising out of somewhere as spectacular as Sydney Harbour.  You’re fully prepared for a blissful and stress-free holiday, you don’t want to miss the glorious sight of sailing away at sunset.


7 things you must do after embarking on a cruise
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